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Leading the Way

Insight Imaging is dedicated to providing you with high quality imaging exams in a caring, comfortable and convenient environment. Our board-certified radiologist with a team of highly trained technologists and professional staff provide efficient and accurate results.

Dr. Agness takes pride in sitting down with patients after an exam and discussing the results, creating a unique opportunity to educate patients and decrease anxiety. At Insight Imaging we focus on your peace of mind as well as your health. We are the only imaging center dedicated to personalized, affordable imaging services in our community for everyone!

A Different Experience

You will be welcomed in our beautifully appointed sitting room where you can enjoy a beverage and perhaps a chocolate. Your exam will be promptly performed by our qualified mammography and ultrasound technicians. You can be confident that you are getting expert care, using state of the art equipment and the latest digital technology that dramatically reduces the amount of radiation previously used in traditional mammograms.

Dr. Melisa Agness - the Medical Director of Insight Imaging is a board certified radiologist who has managed mammography centers for over 15 years. Insight Imaging is accredited by the American College of Radiology. Dr. Agness and her family have lived in the community for 16 years and she is active in many local organizations.